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The Spare Room

So recently, my father redid the spare bedroom to go from a John Deere theme to blue and white. It took a while, considering that they added wainscoting on the bottom and Dad was working two jobs at the same time. If he’d been home the whole time he was working on it, it probably would have been finished within a week. As it was, it took about a month and a half to get from John Deere green and yellow to crisp white and dark blue. I didn’t take any pictures of the room when it was green, but I have a few of the after, and it looks amazing:


So, the room itself might be Dad’s to brag about, but see those three pretty blue pictures on the wall up there? I did those. ME! And here’s how:

Materials List:


Multiple colors of paint, plus white paint. (You can do varying shades of the same color, like I did, or you can do a bunch of colors, like maybe green and red and gold. Pick a color palette and go with it 😉

2″ paint brush (I just used a cheap one that I got in a six-pack from the convenience store on the corner).

The Process:

So for the background of the paintings, I’ve got a before and after shot. I just made lines of light and dark blue paint down the canvas, then took the paintbrush and went over each color with long strokes from top to bottom, moving from one side of the canvas to the other.

And then all three of them turn out like this:





Then for the flowers, I put globs of white paint in the center of where I wanted the flowers at, then made a trail with the same white paint down where the stems would be, then went over it with the brush. I had to add a bit more paint to the flowers as I made the petals, as I didn’t wait for the blues to dry completely because I wanted the blues to add a bit of depth to the white flowers.

Here is the finished product, before it was hung up on the wall over the bed:





Keep in mind that you don’t have to make them flowers, either. My step-mom just wanted flowers, so she got flowers. Going with my green and red and gold idea from earlier, they could be white Christmas trees and wreaths that you put over the colorful background. Pick a silhouette, stick it over the pretty background that you made.

The total cost of the project was somewhere around $15, paints included. 🙂