Pobody’s Nerfect

I don’t remember how long ago it was that I was riding in the car with my mother talking about messing things up when she said “Pobody’s nerfect” the first time. In my family we all seem to have this thing that we call ‘verbal dyslexia’ that we all think is hilarious, and it seemed especially fitting that it decided to show itself in this particular conversation that we were having, because she very clearly made her point. Nobody’s perfect. Period.

A couple days ago, my boyfriend wore a shirt that said “As Is!” on the front of it, and on the back it told how the Bible is filled with imperfect people, just like you and me. I only just found out that it was a song by Peder Eide, but oh well. It says:

“Moses was a stutterer, David was a murderer,

Jeremiah’s suicidal, naked in the street.

Paul, he had a problem, with specifics left unsaid,

Timothy had stomach aches, and Lazarus was dead.

Samson was a long-haired, arrogant womanizer,

Rahab was scarlet corded, lady of the street,

John the Baptist eatin’ bugs and honey on his bread,

Gideon a scaredy-cat, and Lazarus was dead.

As is,

As is,

He chooses us as His.

As His,

As His,

He infuses us as is.

Never ending love transcending

all our weakness.

No excuses, he uses us as is.

Noah was a drunk man, Abraham an old man,

Jacob was a lying man, Leah second best.

 Jonah should have followed God

But ran away instead,

Martha was a worrywart, and Lazarus was dead.

Jesus said to stay awake, the fell asleep instead,

Peter turned and ran away, and Jesus hung and bled.

As is,

As is,

He chooses us as His.

As His,

As His,

He infuses us as is.

Never ending love transcending

all our weakness.

No excuses, He uses us,

No excuses, He chooses us,

No excuses, He uses us as is.”

It was deep, for me. We put all of these people up on a little pedestal and think they were just such great people that we forget that they were just like us.  There have been multiple times when I’ve thought “How can God use me? I’ve messed up so many times, and I keep on messing up.” And then the next day my dad or step mom will tell me how much of a blessing it’s been for them that they took me in when I left my mom’s house. How much closer to God they’ve grown, since I came into their home.

What I’ve realized is that the closer you get to God, the closer you bring the people around you. What you do affects everyone you’re around, whether it’s the waitress at the diner you’re getting lunch at, or the people you live with. Before I moved into my dad’s house, he and his wife went to church occasionally, but they didn’t really do anything more. I moved in and started going to a college-age group through their church and come home and do bible studies on my own, and then within a week they’re listening to the Bible get read to them through whatever app they’ve found every night, they’re making church a priority in their week, and they’ve started helping out at church instead of just going to service and sitting through the sermon.

I’m not telling you this to boast about what I’ve done to further God’s Kingdom, I’m telling you this to let you know that God uses you even when you don’t notice it. I wasn’t focusing on getting them closer to God, I was focusing on getting myself closer to God. And they witnessed in me a transformation that they wanted for themselves, as well, so they decided to give it a try.

I’m not going to tell you not to think that God can’t use you. I know he can- and is- using me, yet I still question it sometimes. It’s natural, to question it. I’m just going to tell you not to forget that he uses you even when you don’t know that he is, and don’t forget that pobody’s nerfect.

God bless. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Pobody’s Nerfect

  1. I love this post! All God ever asks of us is a willing and devote heart- He is then able (and wil) work through us. God bless you.

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      Even if you’re not willing, He’ll still work through you- Jonah, for instance. 🙂

  2. Nice post. (: And in case you’re interested, the scrambled phrases that result from your “verbal dyslexia” are called Spoonerisms.

    1. I think I knew that, at some point, but it just stays verbal dyslexia to me. It’s just what we always called it, around the house. 🙂

  3. What a great message April. I am so glad God is working in your life and those around you. Enjoyed this post–keep them coming.

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