About Me

Dog lover. DIY enthusiast. Christian.  Story writer. Pinterest addict.

     With an avid interest in everything crafty, Godly, and adorable, I’m just a young woman doing my best to find my place in a society that places way too much weight on credit scores and trying to impress other people- most often people that we don’t even like- and not enough weight on pursuing God and living contentedly.

     I strongly believe in being self-sustainable. No, I’m not living off-grid, though I do think the idea is intriguing and worth looking into, but it still amazes me how many people marvel at the things I’ve made- everything from maxi skirts out of t-shirts and crepe paper bouquets for my upcoming wedding to from-scratch Alfredo sauce and homemade bread- and say that they’ve never even thought of making things for themselves when the store has perfectly good items that they don’t have to work for.

    So hoping to bring a little more self-sustainability and uniqueness to the world, this is April Nicholson; a dog lover, DIY enthusiast, Christian, story writer, Pinterest addict… among other things. 🙂

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